Report Date: 20090404  from:             THE AMERICAN KENNEL CLUB 
Havanese AKC Top Dogs Using Breed Totals Starting January 1, 2009 and ending December 31, 2009
      Wins Total           Rank Name Sex BOB/V Defeated           
1 CH Harbor's It Had To Be Me B 29 396
2 CH Bellatak My Funny Valentine B 21 289
3 CH Los Perritos-Shallowbrook Heir I Am D 19 249
4 CH Fuzzy Farm Devil Made Me Do It D 15 113
5 CH Askin Steppin' To The Bad Side D 11 108 
6 CH Fuzzyfarm Devil With A Bluedress B 7 86
7 CH Harbor's Pretty Is As Pretty Does B 5 81
8 CH Riverhills Featured Pix D 5 69
9 CH Gingerbred Yukon Jack Desiderio D 4 61
10 CH Payasa An Affair To Remember B 8 57
11 CH Mojito's Desilu De Solana B 5 54
12 CH Los Perritos Part Time Lover Of Lj D 3 50           
13 CH Windfall's Kiss Me Kate B 3 49
14 CH Heartland's Rumor Has It B 3 45
         15 CH Sunshine's Best Of Times D 4 42
16 CH Wyhaven's Hot And Spicy Beans D 3 4
17 CH Wyhaven's Walking In Memphis D 4 40
18 CH Trufaith Ego Trip D 5 35
18 CH Tamaran Up In Smoke D 6 35
20 CH Qbin's Happy Feet At Enginuity D 3 29
21 CH D'VA's Spellbound In Motion D 2 27
21 CH Highmoon's Captain Marley Jack Flash D 2 27
23 Highmoonexpressyourselfatgreenwood B 2 26
24 CH Oeste's Fame De La Tierra B 3 25
25 CH Quietwater's Close To Highland B 2 22
25 CH Devita's Cosmopolitan On The Rocks D 1 22


What better testimonial than the AKC Breed Totals as seen (on the left).

During the year of  2009 Cosmo had 
 RANKED 25th out of the TOP HAVANESE dogs in the country.  

Cosmo is number 25 on the list. 
CH DeVita's Cosmopolitan on the Rocks

Cosmo's Sire is number 18 on the list.  
CH Trufaith Ego Trip

Cosmo was bred to number 13 during the year of 2010.
CH Windfall's Kiss Me Kate

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The above information was taken from the American Kennel Club Site


  Congratulations Rita!  I am glad that little Pepper is turning out to be a  natural just like her parents!  :-)

I have more great news for you!  Markus (Cosmo x Buttercup) is now CH Windfall's Flash Point!  He finished today in Des Moines going BOS over 3 specials for a 4 point major!  Next we will work on putting a GCH in front of his name!  

I absolutely love my Cosmo babies!  They are AWESOME!!!  :-)

Diane Sako, Breeder

Like Father * Like Son!
Macho...  "del Adora's Macchu Picchu on the Rocks"
"Cosmo as a Puppy"
Martini is the darling of all who meet him. When friends come to dinner, the first thing they do is pick him up and love him.. Our best friends were here last weekend and they have told us that we dare not leave him behind when we come at Christmas time. In late September he traveled with us to Iowa and met the rest of our immediate family. He did fabulously in the car - no car sickness, slept much of the way back and forth. He played so hard during the day with other family dogs and family members, that when we put him in his kennel at night, not a peep until the next morning. Our 14 year old granddaughter didn't put him down when she was around him. She begged us to let him stay with her family.
  He is such a happy playful loving dog. He makes us smile even when we have had busy crazy days. He retrieves better than our former retriever. Retrieving toys is in fact one of his favorite games and one we have to play with him throughout the day.  

Chris and Ron T.

Chris W. 
Preparing to take her adorable puppy home.  She named him Whiskey.  Watch for Whiskey in the show ring.

 Buddy A. on the left and Zara A. on the right.  They just couldn't leave with just one.  Kind of like PotatoChips.        Zara says bring it on.  She has the most beautiful puppies in the world.