"Three V's Ginger Snap"
Health Tests Completed 
GiGi has her Chic #
Ginger came to us cut down and we are currently growing out her hair to put her back in the show ring.  She has 14 points towards her Championship.  She has an affectionate tender personality towards her fellow Havanese and Human family.  We love having GiGi in our home.  She is spoiled by everyone. Gigi is a delight. 

While letting her hair grow GiGi has had a beautiful litter of puppies that are now in the show ring at 8 months old.  We look forward to getting another Champion in the Family
GINGER prefers GIGI, she thinks she's French!

Marti while being shown by Mr. Harry Bennett has acquired 
a MAJOR for a total of 11 Points.  We are waiting for Marti to grow out her hair since her Step-Sister's puppy chewed on her hair.  Watch for MARTI in the ring again this Spring! 

After seeing the Heartland Dogs three years in a row at the Nationals I just really wanted one of my own.  The Breeders talked with me at great length and decided to share one of the girls they were keeping for themselves.  I quickly was on a plane to pick up my adorable Marti.  I was told I was going to love this thick solid creme colored coat.  I couldn't imagine.
They were right.  It is a wonderful coat.  It tends to never look dirty even after Marti has done the chase around the backyard.  Even more amazing is the fact that while she has loads of hair there is never a knot anywhere.  There has never been a knot.  No kidding!
She is a beautiful structured female with a solid front and rear and she moves like a dream. Marti is the puppy that will run at you while you are on the couch and hit you with all four feet. Just to make sure you are awake, and then smother you in kisses and tickles on your neck.  
How did we live without her?  
Marti's Puppy Photos
 Heartlands Absolut Marti-ni of del Adora
  This is Marti.  She came to us after seeing her kennel's beautiful dogs at the Havanese Nationals.  Her terrific Breeders Sandy and Kevin McCabe were generous enough to trust me with one of their beautiful female dogs.  She has been a dream ever since bringing her home.  
    She has been out with our Handlers Harry Bennett and Tim Foley and they are teaching her the ropes.  She is a beautiful Havanese with a very bright future. 
She has multiple Reserves and she now has 11 points.